//Film Salon I

Film Salon I

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
321 – 5th Street
Milford, PA

Tickets to the Film Salon are free – donation is requested.
First come, first served.


Only at the Bear!

Join us for a day of eclectic films you’ll be challenged to see anywhere else.  Saturday’s selections are a unique collection of movies that take you to Cuba, India, WWII Europe, modern America, and old New York.  Meet the makers for a Q & A after each screening.

11:00 am – 12:15 pm
Curtain of Water
Director: Joe Guerriero
Writer: Roberto Francesco Musco
52.27 minutes

In this powerful documentary, photographer Joe Guerriero sheds light on the political and human side of the embargo with Cuba. Guerriero shows the effects on the Cuban people through conversations with exiles and activists, as well as everyday Cubans caught in a situation of acute material and cultural adversity.

12:45 pm – 2:45 pm
Desham lo Dongalu Paddaru
90 minutes
Rama Goutham, writer
Rama Goutham and Raj Dalavai, producers

We are pleased to present the US premier of this Bollywood style musical set in India, which tells the story of two men and a woman who are cast out of society and forced on a journey both physical and existential to discover their roots and face their destinies, amidst power hungry officials in a crime ridden city.  In Hindu with English subtitles.

3:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Art of the Short Film
Celebrate the excitement and creativity of the narrative short film, with a BBFF favorite program.  Short films push the boundaries of filmmaking, narrative, and story-telling techniques.  The format lends itself to experimental designs, quirky stories, and unusual points of view.  To honor the format, the Salon presents six not-to-be-missed contemporary shorts from a wide range of filmmakers.

Rendezvous with Destiny, 2018
9:30 minutes
Ronald Syme, director, producer, and writer
Paratroopers face challenges on D-Day in this wartime reenactment shot entirely in the Milford area by this year’s youngest BBFF maker — Ronald is just 16.

House Rules, 2018
12:26 minutes
Sean Robinson, director
Eileen Kearney, writer
This dark and twisted comedy is about a woman who takes a risk on a room for rent, and forces herself to be open to change even though it feels uncomfortable.  The film shows that we can still shine in a world that sometimes makes us despair.

The Perfect Donor, 2018
5:18 minutes
Jatin Chhugani, Director
Suzie Cho, Jatin Chhugani, writer and producer
When Samantha and Erin hold interviews with potential donors for their baby, it’s ifficult to find someone who aligns with their values in this comedy that also deals with important social issues.

L’Homme et le Poisson, 2018
4:08 minutes
Lewis Leon, writer, director
Lewis Leon and Jonathon Corbiere, producers
Set against the backdrop of a vast, frozen tundra; a grizzled fisherman gets his comeuppance from a vindictive, yet familiar fish in this charming animated short.

Ruok, 2018
12:45 minutes
Jay Russell, writer and director
Jay Russell and Ziyad Saadi, producers
Best friends, Alex and Bryan, have a bitter fight entirely via text message after one of them sleeps with the other one’s crush. But, just as things seem to settle, an unexpected development may lead to yet another riff.

SHYFT, 2017
5:47 minutes
Brooke Hoover, producer
Brooke Hoover and Harinder Sood, writers
Jennifer Plotzke, director
A ride-on-demand service call goes wrong when the driver’s and passenger’s personalities clash.

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
John Hemmer & the Showgirls
35:00 minutes
Kirsten Larvick, Director
Kirsten Larvick and Mark Mori, Producers

This intimate portrait takes a behind-the-scenes peek inside Lou Walters’ famed Latin Quarter nightclub in New York City through the eyes of a one-time performer. As John Hemmer reflects on the heyday of America’s live entertainment era, he also considers the rigors and rewards of growing older. But despite life’s challenges, Hemmer, along with his band of showgirls, resurrect the Latin Quarter’s legacy and discover a new purpose along the way.


Give Back: Watch Local!
Sunday at the Salon is all about local filmmakers. All of the films shown are made by people who live the area and love it.  Join us as we celebrate filmmakers from Pike County who tell important stories that have worldwide reach.

11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Whisperers and Witnesses: A Visual Diary
43:30 minutes
2018 Alan Kaplan, writer and director
Wendy Kaplan, producer and narrator

In their latest visual journey, Alan and Wendy Kaplan travel to Cameroon to tell the story of two powerful women and others who are saving gorillas and chimpanzees in the war against “bushmeat” in Africa.  As we experience the commitment of these people we explore our connection to these primates, who share 98 percent of our DNA.  After the screening, Wendy and Alan will be available for a Q&A.

12:45 pm – 1:45 pm
Portrait of Antibes
Christopher King, producer, writer, and director

This series of four vignettes is about the interesting characters you’ll find in Antibes, France and its surrounding areas: a fisherman approaching retirement, a sculptor overflowing with ideas, a small team of goat cheese farmers, and Christopher’s own story with the town.  Based in Milford, PA, Christopher King manages Endless Echo, a small team of freelance film makers that collaborate to develop short, thoughtful social media videos that help promote businesses, non-profits, products, artists, and philosophies. After the screening, stay for a Q&A with Christopher.

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
The Films of Dennis Lee

Local filmmaker Dennis Lee will show three of his films this year, including a moving documentary about Veterans Memorial Park, the Crown Jewel of Northeast Pennsylvania, located in Matamoras, PA (15 minutes).  The second film is a music video shot 30 years ago on the streets of New York City and the Jersey Shore, set to the music of Bruce Springsteen’s, “Jungleland” (10 minutes).  His third film, another music video, was shot in Times Square to the music of “Thriller,” and was produced after the death of Michael Jackson (10 minutes). A Q&A with Dennis after the screening will focus on filmmaking and producing on a shoestring.

3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Rainbow Ending: Making It Better Now
48:00 minutes
Alan Kaplan, writer, director
TriVersity, producer

For the past five years, documentary filmmaker Alan Kaplan has followed LGBTQ and gender non-conforming teens, as well as their siblings, parents, and peers as they cope, with the issues associated with sexuality, coming out, growing up and becoming their authentic selves and first-rate citizens.  The film was commissioned by the TriVersity Center, the upper Delaware Valley’s LGBT Center, based in Milford.  A very special Q & A panel after the screening includes filmmaker Alan Kaplan, Milford’s Mayor, Sean Strub, and film participants including Simone Kay, Terry Ziemba, Ash Nichols, Lex Merbler, Linda Hadley, and Cindy Stine.